The Amazon Alexa Skills Store has grown to now feature over 20,000 skills. Well-known companies including the BBC, Domino’s Pizza, and Uber have realized the importance of adapting their services to voice. 

Voice is the most natural way for humans to interact, and now voice-first devices and the voice services that power them are becoming smart enough to understand our idiosyncrasies and respond.

In order to prepare tech professionals for a world of voice interactions, we’re collaborating with a leading voice service provider, Amazon Alexa, and launching a comprehensive eight-week online course that enables UX designers to become specialists in voice design.

While designing for voice relies on many well-known UX principles, there are also several important things to consider when designing for the ear instead of the eye. Designing useful and enjoyable voice interactions will be an exciting challenge for UX designers; from entirely new approaches to navigation (no click-through-funnel), to feedback (what’s the voice equivalent of a loading icon?), to how to intuitively combine voice UIs with graphical UIs and create optimized multimodal interactions.

UX designers with these skills will have a clear competitive advantage and there are already lots of opportunities in the job market. It is gearing up to be an exciting journey, and set to be a lucrative field for designers.

Register now to learn about the history of voice, use cases, user personas and system personas, user stories and scripts, usability testing, accessibility, and explore the nuances of how to design for combined voice and graphical interfaces.  

Put your new skills into practice by creating three Amazon Alexa skills and documenting the full process for your portfolio. Interested? Check out the course here.